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Lior Avni
3 min readFeb 17, 2021

This post is about the decline of Western civilization. The downturn began in the late 18th century, which some call the 1700s. It was the Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution that began the doubt of Christianity and it’s role in society.

You see, the Church elders hid Christian Science and the ideas of Hermes and Enoch from public view because they wanted to protect people. Knowledge, in the hands of a child, is like a weapon and can do harm. In a previous post, I talk about Egypt and how the 12 arcane sciences of Egypt relate to Enoch and his retelling of the Creation story. Hermes is the essence of Greek philosophy, and the Greeks are responsible for Chinese civilization. Originally, Taoist philosophy comes from Thomas Aquinas and Tai Chi comes from Leonardo Da Vinci. But that is an aside.

The Church wanted to keep the power to themselves also. Not all their motives were noble or pure. Contrasting East and West is actually quite useful. In the East, success was always more to do with winning something or earning something and less with money and resources. In the West, business is warfare. Life in the East truly is a meritocracy where you earn what you have in society. This is why the Japanese have such a perfectionistic culture where only number one or gold medal is acceptable. America is not a meritocracy, there are meritorious people at the bottom of society. America is based on the principles of business and psychology, and most business in America is treacherous and designed to enslave the customer.

My idea of Christianity is simply to understand the principles of the bible and not what is actually written in a book. In Hassidic Judaism, they have a tradition called ‘the oral Torah’ in which a Hassidic master chooses a disciple and shares with him not only his knowledge, but his experiences an secrets accrued during a lifetime. This is how religious people have so much knowledge. It is a lot like karate sensei’s and their sempais.

Real religion boils down to Egyptian Science and Jewish Morality. And morality simply means volition. A man has volition, he can choose between yes and no or right and wrong. The Ten Commandments are generally rules about conducting a civil society. The bible wasn’t written by God, it was written by inspired prophets, men who were favored for their traits or extraordinary lives.

So the reason why the West is in decline is because people don’t care anymore, they don’t believe, and their science is put on a model of…

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