Poppin Fresh Music

I played a lot of guitar in my life. I even published a catalogue of blues music on Spotify and YouTube a few years ago. I like the way music makes you feel good and mellow, and I feel relaxed when bass heavy resonates throughout my body. I wanted my piece of the rock n roll pie.

Music is an art, a science, and a method. Some musicians these days only know technology, faking an accent, or shouting. So music has become scream therapy and not artifice.

The Europeans are still listening to the old sound and dig the 1960’s and how it featured the best celebrities of world culture. I remember Bruce Lee, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Marilyn Monroe.

That is five element applied to the celebrities of the modern era. I know how every modern musician wants to be John Lennon or Paul McCartney because they seemed to be having fun and had a lot of drugs and sex.

But I feel nobody can imitate them because they aren’t on the same level. Drugs, homosexuality, porno, violence, rape, etc.. drives men insane. This is the cult of Bacchus taken the wrong way.

Bacchus or Dioynsus means the god of ritual madness or extasy. He loved dark music and exotic women. And he only felt happy when it rained. He was nurtured in the mountains and disappeared when it was an appropriate time to leave the world. He was mysterious.

My music includes my interpretations of the Beatles and the blues. I did a version of Revolution on an acoustic guitar, I did a George Harrison song and a few blues classics inspired by greats like Howlin Wolf, Mississippi John Hurt, and Lightnin’ Hopkins. This is old fashioned music that can be adapted to the modern audience. So I am a type of music scholar in the modern era.

Last night, I listened to some John Lennon tunes on Spotify. I loved his solo career more than his tunes with the Beatles. I felt Paul was a better songwriter because his sound was more wholesome and Paul could adapt songs to different genres. But John was a bigger personality and a leader.

So I see the alpha and the omega. John Lennon was the first rock star, and I am the last of the blues musicians playing the old sound and honoring past heroes.

Everything about modern society is getting better except for culture and morality. And good culture is rooted in moral reasoning. Good people have had traumatic life experiences and are soothed by listening to music, drawing or painting, journaling, doing yoga, or cooking pasta. These are basic skills.

So my guitar is popping. I am not writing new material. I just want to maintain this way forever. And that is good enough. Everyone in europe is on a basic income and earns extra money through their hobby. The politicians are from ancestral houses that have to go into politics or they die. And I understand that is fair.

I am trying to attract people to my cause. And I will have a few new acquaintances here and there. And that is good enough.



I am a copywriter, scholar, and musician.

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