You Vote With Your Dollar Bill

Lior Avni
1 min readFeb 20, 2021

The way you spend your dollar is the way the economy flows. If you want to be a gamechanger, be a good family man, be honorable, and watch how you spend your money. Israel loves the quiet life and healthy food. Japan insists on the highest quality food standards anywhere.

There are literally people in Japan who think American food is dog food. Get real. There is very little good quality fish, vegetables, seaweed, fruits, beans, spices, lamb, pork, etc… I value pork more than anything because it is simple and good.

I have spent a lot of time cooking for my family. It is hard to budget money. I wrote a book once, in 2019, called Taoist Nutrition, which emphasizes numerology, grain-based diet, and economizing at the grocery store. It is a nice book with some flaws that features nice cover art. I am proud of my work. But I feel that America is slow to change, because all it values is economic gain. They value quantity over quality. Only Japan insists on the high grade.

So contemplate what to get at the grocery store or restaurant. I feel halal is high quality fast food. I like it cheap and easy.

So there is a lot in the world to choose from.